FleetGuide works on any vehicle

We have configurations that maximize effectiveness for each type of vehicle, whether it’s a waste management vehicle, tractor unit, bus, or smaller vehicle.



Install Components

Asset 1

LIDAR - 3D sensor

FleetGuide has dropped the cost of high-performance automotive LIDAR by >50x, and reduced its size by >30x - enabling LIDAR to be used in commercial applications today.

Icon 30X Smaller
30X Smaller
Icon 50X Lower Cost
50X Lower Cost
Onboard Computer

Onboard Computer

The onboard computer transmits alert information to a small heads-up display that shows the nature of a potential hazard (pedestrian, vehicle, fixed object) and a directional cue—in addition to audio—so the driver knows what’s going on.

Icon Powerful Computing
Powerful Computing
Icon Cellular Connection
Cellular Connection
Icon Waterproof
Water Proof
In Cab Display 6 Inches

In-cab Display

The display shows the location of the potential hazard, and calibrates audio-visual alerts to the severity of the situation.

Icon Real Time Alerts
Real Time Alerts
Icon Audio Alerts
Audio Alerts

Easy Installation

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2-4 hours / vehicle

We place the sensors, mount the onboard computer, connect it to the battery/fuse box, and run power & data cables to the sensors and display. The system is waterproof, ruggedized, temperature and vibration resistant to automotive-grade specifications. 

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