Focused on Collision Avoidance

Our mission is to enable drivers to keep themselves and their communities safe through better technology — identifying hazards they might miss and alerting them to avoid them immediately.

360º Field of View

Our advanced lidar sensors “see” in 360º and are positioned to identify objects around the entire vehicle — eliminating hazardous blind spots.

360º Field of View

Object Identification

FleetGuide uses advanced computer vision to identify pedestrians, cyclists, vehicles, and other moving or fixed objects, and tracks their trajectories and behavior to precisely identify potential issues - while filtering out the noise.

Constant Vigilance

The sensors use their own infrared illumination source, which means they can perform robustly at night, and in all but the most challenging weather conditions.

Constant Vigilance

Real-time Notifications

It notifies the driver with both audio and visual cues when it senses a danger - no need to constantly stare at a display.

Real Time Notifcations

Fleet Learning

FleetGuide gets smarter the more drivers use it. Real-time over-the-air software updates are pushed to the system to improve its intelligence. Fleet managers can tune key parameters to ensure it is being the most responsive to your specific fleet’s needs.


Track the safety of your drivers and fleet in a deeply sophisticated and actionable way. Far more sophisticated than the reporting from today’s camera & telematics systems. Gain more insight into safety than any technology has offered before.

Fleet Guide Dash
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