Our Company

We are committed to using cutting-edge hardware & software engineering to making the roads safer.

Our Mission

Fleet managers and drivers have been underserved by technology for decades—especially industries like waste management, passenger transportation, and trucking. We are committed to change that.

FleetGuide is made up of mechanical, electrical, mechatronic, optical and software engineers passionate about transportation and new technology. We are unified by our goal of reducing collisions by 90% and making sure fleets operate efficiently.

Our Story

The engineers behind FleetGuide spent two years developing the low-cost, high performance LIDAR 3D sensors that are the foundation of the system. 

With over a decade of combined experience in the automotive sensor space, the founding team devised breakthrough innovations in optical systems, signal processing, and electronics architecture that enabled the system. In mid 2017, the team finished development and began commercial production and deployment, and are focused on scaling installations of the technology as quickly as possible.