Why utilize FleetGuide?

No amount of driver training and awareness can eliminate collision risk completely - it is an impossible standard to hold drivers to. FleetGuide enhances their perception abilities to help in the millions of critical moments when behavior monitoring, legacy technology, and driver training have fallen short.

Measurable Impact

To us, it all comes down to the numbers. Lives saved. Injuries prevented. Claims eliminated. Fraudulent liability eliminated. Asset utilization. The list goes on and on.

We use rigorous benchmarking & statistical methods to show our advantage vs every other solution out there, in addition to videos and events that tell the story.

Icon Safety


Prevent Collisions

Real-time warnings to avoid collisions. Alerts of potential hazards around the entire vehicle, day or night, rain or shine. Up to 90% lower collisions.

Protect People and Cargo

Keep drivers, passengers, and others on the road safe. Make sure cargo is delivered on-time and undamaged.

Icon Financials


Low risk management costs

Lower liability claims, insurance premiums & deductibles, workers’ comp bills,  repair/maintenance costs, and other risk management costs. Reduce the likelihood of catastrophic incidents and lawsuits. Keep workers healthy and on-the-job.

Keep you business moving

A reduction in collisions mean your vehicles can stay on the road doing their intended job. Fewer extra vehicles needed for impaired assets. Planned routes can proceed on schedule. Fewer mid-route interruptions.

Icon Accountability


Record Critical Events

3D, 360 degree video. Whether it’s a near-miss or a collision, the system shows only the most important events which can help you train drivers or assign fault in a collision.

Next Generation Telematics

FleetGuide localizes a vehicle down to centimeter-level accuracy ­— 100x better than GPS. It uses a new method of location identification which doesn’t rely on satellite or cell data to do so, meaning it works in dense metropolitan environments. Get advanced situational data on driving behavior.

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